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Bible Acts 2:38
The devil and most trinitarians hate it!
Copyright 2006 By Pastor G. Reckart All Rights Reserved

"Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost" (Acts2:38 KJV).

Why does the devil inspire most trinitarians to hate this verse in the Bible?

Why are so-called Christians who promote themselves as the official dictum of God's mind spreading the lie that this verse in the Bible is interpreted false by Apostolics?

What is in this verse the devil and most trinitarians do not like?

This verse is hated because it does not agree with the Catholic doctrine of the trinity.  It is just that simple.  

Trinitarians believe they have a duty to reinterpret Acts 2:38, claiming it promotes no faith and no grace can be received through it because it does not contain the trinity doctrine.

All Acts 2:38 haters will openly confess they would rather obey Jesus in Matthew 28:19 with the words "in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost".  Name here is singular and means the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost have one name.  What is that one salvation name for the lost?  The words "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost" are not names they are titles.  The Bible student who seeks baptism in the one name of these three titles will discover only the name of Jesus Christ as Peter declared it in Acts 2:38.

The New Covenant name of God is found in Acts 2:38.  The New Covenant name of God is not found in Matthew 28:19. Which verse by the mere value of the name of God in it has the greater value?  It is Acts 2:38.  Why?  Because Acts 2:38 fulfills Matthew 28:19 as it currently exist in the Bible.  The only way to reconcile Matthew 28:19 and the singular "name" with Acts 2:38 is to accept the name of Jesus Christ as the singular covenant name of God that represents the titles Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

According to the trinitarian theory, the name of God is not found in Matthew 28:19 but it is acceptable to pronounce the three titles and not baptize in the one singular name commanded to be invoked.  

Are they telling the truth?  No they are not.  If Jesus said "in the name of" he did not mean in the titles of.  Not to baptize in the one Covenant name of God for the New Testament is to baptize according to human theory, human theology, human philosophy, and man-made traditions.  Jesus did not grant this liberty to any man, council, church, pope, church organization, or Bible college or university.  If they do not want to be enemies of God with their trinitarian belief there is three of them up there, they would be wise to be baptized in the one singular covenant name of God for the New Testament Church.  They would be wise to find an Apostolic Pastor and be baptized according to Acts 2:38.

Old Testament Convert Mikveh origin of water baptism:

Baptism by its very nature in the Jewish convert mikveh was in the singular old covenant name of God.  The new covenant name of God is the name to be used in water baptism since it is under this covenant a person comes when they are baptized.  So, what is the New Testament covenant name of God?  It is Jesus Christ (Messieh)!  And Acts 2:38 contains this new covenant name of God.  The devil hates this verse in the Bible.  Trinitarians hate it because it exposes their centuries old false doctrine about Matthew 28:19 invoking the titles when they baptize, and not the one singular name of God.  

New Testament baptism is a type of death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.  Why would there be a need to invoke the titles of two other persons in the trinity who did not die, were not buried, and did not resurrect from the grave?  Obviously, Romans 6 tells us baptism is into the death of Christ alone (Jesus Only).  All must by faith be identified in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus in water baptism.  

Now why would the devil and most trinitarians hate Acts 2:38 with so much passion they hate all Apostolics who baptize invoking the name of Jesus Christ only?  Isn't this hate really bigotry against Christians who believe in Jesus as their personal Saviour? Are these religious groups spreading this hate because those who are baptized in the name of Jesus Christ are not members of their group or organization? I think so!  According to "some" groups, Baptist, Methodist, Lutherans, Charismatics, Assembly of God, Church of God, Four Square Church, a person can be saved without any baptism what-so-ever.  But, according to the majority of Preachers in these same groups, a person baptized in the name of Jesus Christ is not saved and going to hell!  What is wrong with this picture?

Acts 2:38 contains rich words of faith.  It contains the fundamental faith that leads to the grace of God.  This one verse teaches that salvation is by Christ alone, by faith alone, and by grace alone.  It is a powerful verse of Scripture against the destructive work of the devil.  The devil destroys through sin and Acts 2:38 brings remission of sins and a resurrection into a new life where the work of the devil is stopped.  Coming under the one New Covenant name of God in water baptism, and having sins washed away by the blood of Jesus stops all future wrath of God against us because of our sins.  This one verse shows us the way from judgment to divine mercy. From being condemned to being without condemnation.  We are transferred from the second death sentence over into the second life of the Spirit, by our water resurrection.

Acts 2:38 contains these segments, each of which are powerful before God:

1.) Repentance;
2.) Water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins;
3.) The promise of the Holy Ghost baptism to all who by faith complete #1 and #2.

Repentance is turning around from a life of sin and facing God.  It is an act of personal faith toward a God whose ways have been to long rejected. When a person turns toward God they will automatically begin what we call prayers of repentance.  

A person will ask the Lord Jesus to forgive them of their sins.  They will pour out their heart to God in confession. They will often feel deep remorse and sadness because they have run from God and sin caused them much hurt, misery, and personal pain.  As these purge their conscience and heart of their guilt of sin, laying them at the feet of Jesus at the altar, they experience not only the warm presence of God, they will feel the power of God's grace and love.  This causes the soul to often melt into a state of prayer communication where the soul begins to pray and worship God.  Repentance turns into a deep reverent worship.

Now why would anyone hate what Acts 2:38 does here for a sinner?

All repentance is by faith.  This is not a work of man.  It is an act of faith that Acts 2:38 commands because of the operation of God working through repentance.  God works his own work through our repentance.  If not, repentance as commanded of God throughout the Bible would be nothing!  Repentance brings the grace of love and forgiveness.  A person who truly repents by faith will experience this love and forgiveness.  They will rise from their place of repentance feeling refreshed, clean, and holy.  God performs an inward work of grace called sanctification.  Acts 2:38 shows us how to be sanctified by God through his grace.

Water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins is a beautiful event.  No, water baptism is not works of man.  We Apostolics know the Baptist, Methodist, Lutherans, Charismatics, Assembly of God, Church of God, Four Square Church, and others claim it is a work of man, but they are spreading a false doctrine.  Old Testament mikveh convert water baptism sets the entire foundation for New Testament water baptism. Old Testament Gentile converts who came to the mikveh waters of separation from a Gentile world to a Jewish Nation, came by faith toward God. Any baptism according to Acts 2:38 that is not by faith is not a valid baptism.  Apostolics demand the fruit of faith in repentance before a person is admitted to the waters of resurrection. We are very strong that if a person has not died to the flesh they are not qualified to be buried in the waters of baptismal sanctification.

What is it in the waters of baptism that brings sanctification? It is the blood of Jesus.

Those who accuse we Apostolics being a cult, lay heavy stress on the fact we believe the blood of Jesus washes away our sins when we are baptized. They hate us with so much passion they will actually lie on us. They will tell who ever will listen to them, that we believe the water washes away sin. That is false! It was false when the Baptist started this lie back in 1914 in Los Angeles and it is false who ever repeats it.  We believe the blood of Jesus ALONE washes away sin and brings remission (divine pardon).  We hold strictly to the words "for the remission of sins" to mean in baptism the Blood of Jesus washes away our sins. Thus while being immersed into the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ his blood washes away our sins. That is our doctrine and that is what we Apostolics preach.  We do not teach that water washes away any sin. So, trinitarians, if you want to tell the truth, tell it like we preach it, not how you want to reinterpret what we preach so you can deceive others with lies.

Water baptism brings the New Covenant Communion Cup to the waters of sanctification.  It is here the Blood of Jesus is first received. It is here the sacrifice of Calvary is received by faith. We come to these waters by faith.  We come with faith in the Blood of Jesus for the remission of our sins. We step into the waters to come under the authority of the New Covenant in his Blood.  We stand there in the water before witnesses having shown the fruits of repentance.  Faith has brought us here.  We believe in Jesus alone for our salvation.  We desire to be uncondemned and what can wash away the condemnation of sin? NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD OF JESUS.

In water baptism, the Pastor or Minister officiating must be ordained and have authority to perform the baptism.  Just because a man claims to be a preacher, a minister, an evangelist, a teacher, such have no authority to baptize until it is ordained upon them in one of the official offices of the Five-Fold Ministry.  Even the Apostles could not baptize until AFTER THEY WERE ORDAINED.  This is the Apostolic practice of those who follow the New Testament order.  Now, there are many out there baptising with no authority.  They are baptising and not requiring the fruits of repentance nor faith.  These Acts 2:38 baptisms are not valid.  A person so baptized by such a person will never be an overcomer because they never received remission of sin nor the overcoming power of the waters of resurrection.  All water baptisms must achieve the purpose of adding an individual to a local congregation under a Pastor.  Any water baptism that does not add an individual to a local church under a Pastor is a false baptism.  In Acts 2, they who gladly were baptized were added to the Church.  This is the practice of Apostolics. Yes, we have a lot of renegade novices out baptising to make a show of their flesh who are not obedient to New Testament conduct and order.  These novices must be sat down and taken out of the pulpit and not allowed to minister to the Church body.  They are out of order in these baptisms and they will be out of order in all that they do. Therefore, Pastors should not allow just any one to baptize under his ministry.  Water baptism is an important act of faith and it demands all the sanctity of heaven when it is administered.

Receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost (or Holy Spirit) is the one Spirit of God.  It is not the third God up in heaven. God is one. He can manifest himself as Father in creation, Son in redemption, and Holy Ghost in regeneration, but always in one personality, which is one being, which is one Spirit, which is one God.  After the resurrection Jesus in Spirit form is the Holy Ghost.  He said to the Apostles "I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you" (John 14:18).  Jesus is the Comforter.

The promise of the Holy Ghost did not start with Peter in Acts 2:38.  It did not even start with Jesus.  It all started with John the Baptist as he preached about repentance and preparing for entry into the Kingdom of God.

"I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost , and with fire" (Matthew 3:11).

A person can see John spoke of the Holy Ghost as a promised experience that Jesus would bring to pass. This did not happen in the three and a half years of the ministry of Jesus. At no time was this fulfilled until the day of Pentecost in Acts 2.  So, the Holy Ghost with speaking in other tongues, as tongues of fire sat upon each of them in Acts 2 was fulfillment of John's prophecy.  Who caused the upper room fire to appear?  Who caused the sound of the rushing mighty wind?  Who was it that baptized 120 members of the New Testament Church with the Spirit of God? Who caused these 120 to speak in tongues, something they did not expect nor did they experience before?  It was Jesus!  Jesus is the one who caused all this. Why do so many hate the Holy Ghost in the Church like this today?  Why do they hate what Jesus is doing in the Apostolic Pentecostal Churches today?  Why do they mock speaking in tongues?  Why are they in agreement with the devil against this Acts 2:38 promise?  Apostolic Pentecostals are not ashamed to stand up to the whole world and tell them this is REAL!  To experience the Holy Ghost is to experience the resurrected Jesus.

The Holy Ghost in  us signifies our body has become a Temple.  A person's body that has not become a Temple for the one Spirit of God, is just a shack.  They cannot have the Holy Spirit of God in their old shack. They need God to build them a Temple out of their body. When does this occur?  It occurs in water baptism. In water baptism we bury the body of flesh by faith to be raised a new creation in Christ Jesus. We come up out of the water a fresh sanctified Temple. Now, at that precise moment, we seek God to come into the Temple and take up his place within the soul. We invite God to come in. The Holy Ghost within us is to signify our body is now a Temple. We must maintain this Temple holy or God will destroy us (1Corinthians 3:17). The holy Temple begins in us at water baptism. It is therefore fit and  proper, after water baptism for a person to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues as the Spirit of God gives the utterance.  If a person does not receive this at the time of water baptism, there is something blocking it and this may be the lack of faith or proper preparation.  Many are baptized and not properly prepared.  But many thousands have received the Holy Ghost baptism coming up out of the water.

When a person has repented by faith, been baptized in the name of Jesus Christ by faith, was filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost by faith, they are saved.  They are saved by grace through faith.  They believe in Jesus alone for salvation, by faith alone, and by grace alone. Acts 2:38 is the plan of salvation.  The devil and trinitarians do not want the world to know about this one scripture. They will lie about this verse and say there is a devil in it, or the devil loves this verse, all to scare people away from obtaining Bible salvation. I am exposing this trinitarian fraud right here!

If you are seeking after God with all your heart, consider we Apostolics who continue to spread the precious New Testament plan of salvation as Peter preached it on the day of Pentecost.  If it was good enough to add 3,000 to the first Church in Jerusalem, IT IS GOOD ENOUGH TO ADD YOU TO THE SAME NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH! If you reject this you will surely be lost, not being added to the Church by water baptism.

Come to Acts 2:38 today and ask the Lord Jesus to bring the fullness of this great verse of scripture to pass in your life. Call 1-813-238-7283 to schedule your "washing of the water by the Word" (Ephesians 5:26).  Note: it is the blood that does the washing while in the water (Revelation 1:5). Do not delay. You cannot be saved without faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as found in Acts 2:38.

Sinners prayer:

Lord Jesus, I come to you for salvation. I repent of my sins.  I come to you by faith and confess I am a sinner.  I am not worthy to be saved. Now that I have turned from my sin unto thee, I am ready to follow you. I am ready to do as you command. I receive you right now as my only Saviour.  I will seek Acts 2:38 water baptism at an Apostolic Church and attend faithfully.  I desire my body-shack to be recreated into a Temple.  Then when you have made me as you want me, come into my Temple and be welcome there my God and my Lord.   I will be your servant and a member of the Apostolic Church were you plant me.  I will place my soul under the authority and leadership of a Pastor.  I will seek your will for my future.  Use me Jesus, here am I.

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